E’ arrivata la newsletter di novembre del Transition Town Network

November 2012 – Transition Network Newsletter

Published on October 31, 2012 by Mike Grenville


An October Round-up of What’s Happening out in the World of Transition
Reports this month comes from Japan, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Northern Ireland, Italy, Madeira, Spain, Germany, UK and USA.

Transition Streets: reaching beyond the converted
Up against a brick wall trying to get local people interested in energy? Award-winning community engagement project Transition Streets has created a tried-and-tested way to break down the barriers and bring people together to take action on energy. And now it has been developed into the new Streets-wise programme which has just become available for community groups to adopt in their own area in the UK and beyond.

The Totnes Economic Blueprint Reports
The aim was to see if the potential value of a new kind of local economy could be estimated, mainly in terms of money (revenue and jobs), but also exploring the social and environmental benefits that come with a Transition approach to enterprise. The question you’ll no doubt be asking is ‘Can you do this where you live?

Transition Free Press – All systems go! Issue 1 is underway
We are delighted to announce that the Transition Free Press is going ahead ! This is our opportunity to ‘become the media’ and the TFP will represent a milestone for the developing transition movement in the UK.


Community Energy in the UK
An important new study from University of East Anglia is the first independent UK-wide survey of community energy projects. One of the most interesting things to emerge from the paper is the role Transition Network plays in the field, in spite of being a very small organisation, and it offers some insights into why that might be.

Seeking Renewable Energy Co-ops in Europe
Friends of the Earth is gathering case-studies on UK/EU/International energy cooperatives to show that energy cooperatives can work in the North and South, providing an alternative economic and energy model that can play a big part in the global transformation we need.

The Emergence of a Transition Region?
The regional authority for the Nord- Pas de Calais region was once a major mining area and now how some very high unemployment. Motivated by peak oil, climate change, and by the need to refocus the economy of the area, it brought together 400 invited guests to share the Conseil’s initial thinking on it’s shift in focus. Rob Hopkins reflects on a fascinating day in Lille.


Now into its second year, last month our social reporting project began with a week of reports from Transition Initiatives in London. We also explored the ever-controversial subject of flying, and went behind the scenes of the Transition Network with an in-depth exploration of its role in supporting our ever growing movement. Finally we reported on the work our initiatives are doing with young people.


Transition Town Tooting: Five Ways to Wellbeing
Set up in early 2008 in a welcoming and surprising neighbourhood in south west London, many of the people active early on are still involved.

Ealing Transition Reskilling Day
After a short summer break, Ealing Transition re-convened in September for its second re-skilling day.

Our promised land: Church Lane Community Garden
Here at Transition Leytonstone, we are immersed to the point of obsession in the planning and development of our very first community garden.

Seeking the Centre
Having spent less than a fortnight in Kingston in the last two months, I feel slightly fraudulent about blogging on the state of Transition here. But perhaps this paradox, of community-building in partial absentia, is part of the rich tapestry that needs to be reflected.


Dawn on the ivory tower
Having stumbled bleary-eyed from Euston Station at 6.30am on Wednesday, and on my second coffee of the day (I average 2 a week), I found myself sitting in Market Square, Kingston upon Thames, full of anticipation for my first Transition Research Network conference.


Our fear of not flying… please don’t take my wings away from me
Flying is the single most CO2-emitting and oil-guzzling act of our civilisation, by a long way. Surely as Transitioners it should be top of the list of personal behaviour changes we make and encourage others to follow. But it isn’t so simple.

Why we still need to oppose airport expansion
Aviation is the fastest growing cause of climate change. Last time the government bothered to check, it made up 13% of the UK’s climate impact.

To fly or not to fly isn’t the question.
A while back I did adopt the “I don’t fly!” badge, an essential part of the credibility kit for the noble climate change warrior, but lately I’ve come to realise that especially in my case, it does as much good for the cause as does wearing sandals in winter.

TRANSITION CAMP: A Transition Camp Journey
Mark reports on his experience of the Transition Camp.


Transition Network – What’s it for? Where’s it going?
These questions seem as good as any to begin a thoughtful week looking at the Transition Network. Like all good questions they lead to more and hopefully deeper questions that ultimately lead to greater self knowledge. This is the basis for growth in personal development as well as organisational development.

What has the Transition Network ever done for us?
Like Heineken you might hope that the Transition Network refreshes the parts others cannot reach.



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